OTT & Connected TV


Grab the attention of your audience in a whole new way.

Target your audience in a new, scalable way they can’t ignore.

An opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Unskippable. Unstoppable. Create an immersive experience your audience can’t ignore with our scalable, targetable, data-driven approach to OTT.



Meet your brand’s next big break.

OTT is disrupting the industry for good. As traditional TV continues to lose viewers, an estimated 147M US adults will use ad-supported OTT services like Hulu, CBS All Access, Sling, and Pluto in 2020 alone (that’s more than Instagram!). By adding this new channel to your media mix, you have an unprecedented opportunity to target new audiences in new ways—and to do so ahead of competitors who aren’t as ad-savvy.

Our OTT strategies go beyond just reach and frequency, offering you the scale you need to acquire new customers and reach your unique business objectives through more lines of data targeting and performance measurement. Whether you’re looking to measure visits and sales on your website, foot traffic to your stores, brand lift, or something else, it’s not a question of if OTT will work for you, but how.


The range you need to succeed.

TV or digital? When it comes to OTT, our team combines the best of both worlds. By taking an OTT-native approach, we are able to execute the right type of buy for your brand’s objectives. OTT is a unique form of media: its large-format, sound-on, unskippable nature offers unparalleled creative impact, while targetability and measurability allow us to pinpoint the results you’re after with advanced, data-based audience segmentation. 

That means we can execute brand, reach and frequency buys and sponsorships, as well as perform programmatic buys that use data and measurement to drive outcomes. Though the details are nuanced (and our experts know best!) you should know that whatever your goals, we can leverage your first-party data or external third-party datasets to target in-market audiences, and then measure how those audiences convert post-exposure.


Be everywhere your customer is.

The real magic of our OTT program lies in our strategic cross-channel approach, which unifies the data strategy with sequential messaging across your media mix. This cross-channel strategy enables a unified audience experience across all channels and screens, and a sequential retargeting strategy that surrounds the consumer and drives conversion.

In short, your audiences can be targeted on their TV screens, then retargeted across OTT, audio, display, and more, creating a truly connected cross-channel ecosystem that moves the needle for your brand.


Know the impact of every dollar spent.

With Globafly OTT program, you’ll never be in the dark. We own and operate all of our deals directly with virtually every TV and OTT publisher and platform. This gives us—and you—full transparency into each dollar spent, and the ability to granularly optimize for performance. 

There are two ways to buy OTT: guaranteed IOs or data-driven programmatic. Each has benefits and trade-offs, and we will work with you to determine which is best for your needs. Regardless of how it’s done, you can rest assured that transparency is included in every buy.


Always just right.

There’s an art to frequency, and it comes down to control. You don’t want to kill an audience’s interest by spamming them with the same ad nonstop, but you do want to be sure your audience has enough exposure to make your message stick.

We control frequency to ensure brand safety—that your ad is never shown where you don’t want it to be—but also to ensure effective reach and ad recall necessary to drive performance or brand lift. Over the course of your OTT campaigns, the Globafly  team will be working diligently to optimize the balance between reach and frequency levels to produce results.


Get ahead of the competition. And stay there.

Diversifying your ad dollars is just good business. By adding OTT to your media mix, you’re not only taking advantage of an entirely new way to target your customers, you’re also ensuring your brand exists outside of the realm of social media.

Globafly is at the forefront of this innovative new medium, and when you work with us, you will be too. You’ll stand out from your competitors and appeal to your audience with a fresh approach to your marketing—and an incredible team supporting you behind the scenes.