Influencer Marketing & Social Media

Get your brand in front of more potential fans with NANO and MICRO INFLUENCERS 



Influencer content will be amplified via paid social media from your brand’s owned accounts in geo-targeted cities.


 Utilizing dark posts, Influencer content will be targeted to reach only select audiences and will not be visible to all followers. Globafly’s involvement in your brand’s owned accounts will be limited to only Globafly-led campaigns via settings within the Ad Permissions dashboard.


Globafly dynamically improves campaign performance by optimizing toward content and copy with optimal results.

To build awareness and drive sales, Globafly will:



Create a link in bio for up to 48 hours that drives to your Brand's site.

Create Instagram Stories using “Swipe Up”, directing followers to purchase your product or service & add their story to their highlights to live for up to 1 week.

Encourage followers to tag friends and family who would benefit from your brand. (Can include a contest to increase tags.)


Include a link in post to drive followers to purchase.

Encourage followers to tag friends and family who would benefit from your brand. (Can include a contest to increase tags.)




Influencer to share Instagram Stories speaking to their back to school savings hacks, which includes using your brand's product or service. They’ll invite followers to Swipe Up

Influencer to create a post of their kid’s back to school supplies and new clothes, speaking to how they can benefit from your brand and directing followers to install using their link in bio.



Influencer to speak to how they end up eating out a lot more when school starts because they don’t have time to make dinner — and that adds up! Luckily, they use your brand to save on the final bill, linking followers to purchase. 

No matter where you’re at in your business—or where your customer is at in the funnel—our Paid Social programs are designed to drive your efforts holistically. We work across industry verticals with everyone from startups and direct-to-consumer brands to Fortune 500 companies.

Our highly tenured team understands the importance of driving users down the funnel toward purchase. From awareness to consideration to conversion, we align audiences and creative at every touchpoint to motivate your customers.


Built for your business.

Strategy is a collaborative effort, so it’s important to build a relationship and work together. Our team is committed to fully understanding your business imperatives in order to launch key strategic initiatives that will drive the results you’re after.

Whether it’s driving in-store traffic or acquiring new customers through Influencer Marketing and Paid Social we built programs based on what’s most valuable to you.